Vancouver Conference 2018

Sunday April 15

5:30 PM – 6:00 PM

Registration in the Pavilion Room

6:00 PM – 6:15 PM


Opening Remarks & Introduction of Key Note Opening Speaker

Conference Emcee - Mike Englert
B. Ed., EPC
Compliance Officer, CIEPS Founding Faculty Member

6:15 PM – 6:45 PM

Opening Keynote Presentation

Dan Levitt, MSc., CHE

Executive Director Tabor Village, Adjunct Professor, Gerontology, Simon Fraser University, Adjunct Professor, School of Nursing, University of British Columbia, Board Member, Global Aging Network

Dan's Bio

Rethinking Aging:
Not the Traditional Nursing Home Grandma Lives In

Presentation Overview

Dan Levitt, challenges societal attitudes toward aging by introducing a new approach residential living. The goal of this interactive talk is to start a new conversation that reframes elderhood as an exciting stage in human growth and development. The conventional narrative of decline in mid-life and beyond has been reinforced by ageism from younger generations who fear eventually becoming part of the targeted demographic. This session will provide inspiration, insight and a new lens to view housing and care as a spring board for the greatest chapter in life.

Learning Objectives and Takeaways for this Educational Session:

1. Rethink aging from practical examples that challenge the current perceptions of elderhood.

2. Recognize that getting outside of your comfort zone presents opportunities for growth and development.

3. See that changing a culture requires insight from the lessons learned by others who have been successful.

Take home practical strategies to help you meet the challenges you face in your work and personal life. 

7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

 Reception (Finger Foods, Punch) in Topaz Ballroom

8:30 PM

Adjourn & Enjoy Vancouver, BC

Monday April 16 – Pavilion Room

7:00 AM – 8:45 AM

Registration & Breakfast in the Pavilion Room

8:45 AM – 9:00 AM

Opening Remarks –Mike Englert B. Ed., EPC

9:00 AM –9:50 AM

Peter Wouters
RFG., AIAA., ARP., TEP., FLMI., RHU., CFP., CLU., CHFC., ACS., ALHC., CPCA., CHS., AFSI., EPC – CIEPS Founding Faculty Member & Faculty Chair

Peter.s Bio

Retirement Income Planning:
Changing Times- Changing Processes

Presentation Overview 

This session  is a thought provoking overview of various  commonly used  and longstanding  Accumulation and Retirement Principles that may not work in Decumulation, or spending phases during retirement, certainly not in today’s day and age.
Rather than be helpful in an advisor’s process or a client’s understanding of assumptions, these principles may in fact hinder  success or be toxic to your clients’ financial health in retirement. 

10:00 AM – 10:50 AM

Rhona Konnelly CLU, CPCA, EPC

CIEPS Faculty

Edwards Jones

Rhona's Bio

The Changing Face of Retirement - New Solutions for new Times

Presentation Overview  

Unprecedented economic, demographic and social forces are coming together to fundamentally change the nature of retirement.  Not only do older Canadians have a genuine desire to continue working, but their services will be increasingly in demand as an aging population creates new pressures on employers and governments.

Looking across Canada, while they may not know the specifics, Canadians do recognize that they are not tending to their financial security in retirement as well as they should be.  Government, employers and the financial services industry should recognize that Canadians need help in becoming better prepared and work together to provide the appropriate policies and resources.  My session will bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the retirement challenge facing Canadians, and offer key recommendations for individuals, employers, Governments and the Financial services industry to collectively uncover the solutions to the issues.

10:50 – 11:00 AM

Coffee Break

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Reena Lazar, B.Arch, MIA

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Michelle Pante, BSW, MBA 

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The Reality of your Mortality:
Using a Holistic End of Life Planning Checklist

Presentation Overview

Pragmatic and heart-centred end of life planning can light up your life and connect you with what matters most.

The best time to plan ahead for the end of your life is now. Consciously contemplating and connecting with others around your inevitable and unpredictable death will change how you die and how you live; right here and right now and for the rest of your life.

Using an interactive presentation style, we’ll introduce and explore willowEoL.com’s nine-point, holistic, end of life planning checklist and dive into our suggested starting point; Making Sense of Life and Death.


12:30 – 1:30 PM

  Buffet Lunch Provided – Pavilion Room

1:30 PM – 2:20 PM

Yvonne Poulin, RMT, EPC

Director, Vancouver Dementia Care Consulting

Yvonne's Bio

Dementia - Managing Challenging Behaviors

Presentation Overview 

The ‘Silver Tsunami’ is upon us.  Age is the biggest factor for developing Alzheimer’s Disease or related disorders. There is an increasing need for education and awareness regarding how to effectively deal with persons affected by dementia. 

Recognizing warning signs is one step towards developing dementia-friendly communities.  Learning how to manage challenging behaviors and to prevent burn-out in family caregivers is another.

This presentation complements Yvonne’s online course, "Dementia Overview and Professional Communications."

2:20 PM – 2:30 PM

Coffee Break

2:30 PM – 3:20 PM

Micheline Varas BA, RHU, RFC, GBDS, EPC, CIEPS Founding Faculty Member

CIEPS Faculty Member

Micheline's Bio

The More Things Change, The More They Remain.. Epic

Presentation Overview

Look forward to opportunity while looking back to what has taken place.  Are we prepared for changing times or marketplace?  Do our clients have options?  Is it our responsibility or simply our fear of liability that forces us to consider clients' financial resources as not just money, but security. 

Though a financial plan does not show the emotional strain, stress and loss of personal dignity that can be experienced by those whose savings are depleted by a loss of independence, it does forefront the financial impact caused by the need of assistance, whether at home or on entering a facility. 

There are options available today, though personal policies are quickly being depleted. What can we look to when individual Long Term Care Insurance is no longer offered? What should our clients know about this specific insurance? What it offers, what is available, what it costs, what defines "dependency" and how and when a claim can be made. 

Look to how best to protect our clients' future, their finances, their dignity and their independence.

3:30 PM – 4:20 PM

Birgitta von Krosigk, B.Sc.
(Econ.), LL.B., Cert. Med., M.A. (Org. Psych.), EPC

 Coach, Facilitator and Certified Mediator

Birgitta's Bio

Change, Communication, and Complexity: Recognizing and Resolving Relationship Conflicts in an Aging Society

Presentation Overview

Canadians are living longer, contributing to the growing diversity in living arrangements. The traditional family structure of a life long heterosexual marriage with a male breadwinner and a female caregiver and home maker is increasingly rare.

Instead, we see more common law couples, more same sex marriages, more women in the paid workforce, more single parent families, and more step and blended families. Combined with increasing housing costs, and pressures on the health and social care systems, the possibilities for conflict are multiplying.

This presentation will explore some of these patterns and what they mean for the professional advisor.

4:20 PM – 4:30 PM

Closing Remarks, Adjourn & Enjoy Vancouver, BC

Tuesday April 17 – Pavilion Room

7:00 AM – 8:45 AM

Registration & Continental Breakfast in the Pavilion Room

8:45 AM – 9:00 AM

Opening Remarks – Mr. Mike Englert B. Ed., EPC

9:00 AM - 9:50 AM

Mike Englert,
 B. Ed., EPC, CIEPS Founding Faculty Member, Compliance Officer

Mike's Bio 

The New Improved Twenty-First Century Elder

Presentation Overview 

Times have changed. Elder needs and desires have changed. Twentieth Century bromides won’t help Twenty-First Century elders – in fact, they’re actually counter-productive.

In this session we’ll look at what the new crop of elders really need and want and at how you can position yourself to help.

10:00 AM – 10:50 AM

Yuko Abeyama
MA., B.Sc., RN, EPC

Nikoinko Home Care

Yuko's Bio

Making Sense of Home & Long-Term Care
Options in a Changing World

Presentation Overview

In this presentation Yuko will discuss the following points and offer some suggestions as to how our aging society can try to overcome these challenges in a practical way.

  1. Who am I?  Why am I doing what I am doing?
  2. BC's trend on home support and long-term care (Statistics and Policies from the Government)
  3. What's long term care? The academic definition and my definition
  4. Where people live (past, now and future)
  5. Different services (home support, day service, assisted living, residential care, hospital, hospice)
  6. Limited number of home supports from the government (examples) and combination with the private company
  7. Case study with Nikoniko home care; # of clients, average cost, what type of care the client can get? who pay? how we could help improve their life at the late stage of life, family care

Questions to think about
- Home support suits Canadian culture?
- Japanese love to die at home. How about Canadians?
- Where would you like to end your life

11:00 AM – 11:50 AM

Juanpaolo Mercado CHS

Juanpaolo's Bio

Canada’s Fastest Growing Market - Juanpaolo Mercado CHS

Presentation Overview

What does insurance made for the 21st century look like?

Together we will take a challenging look at the changing landscape of Traditional Insurance and the emerging need to do better for our elderly clients through Simplified and Non-Medical Insurance strategies. Through case studies we will discover new sales solutions that shake the status quo.
Join me as we discover how Canada Protection Plan continues to change the process in these changing times.


12 Noon – 12:50 PM

Jim Ruta BA., RHU., EPC – CIEPS Founding Faculty Member

“The Re-Energizer”

Jim's Bio

Crack the Retirement Planning Code

Presentation Overview

Too few consumers plan properly for retirement. According to studies, the reason is that the complexity of issues makes planning for retirement challenging and frightening at the same time. That causes avoidance and later, disappointment.

Advisors from all disciplines can crack the retirement planning code and help their clients get the best retirement they can with an all new approach – the “If money were no object” planning strategy (IMWNO Plan). Consumers get an inside look at how they can plan for their own retirement from several angles.  The innovative IMWNO Plan encourages planning by first outlining what’s possible and then helping arbitrate wants and allocate budget. So, rather than building a mediocre retirement plan, consumers and clients uncover their best one.

This all new concept and presentation strategy demonstrates the new process, so any advisor can help more people retire better and consumers can get their best retirement. Here’s how to crack the retirement planning code for a better retirement and better business.

12:50 PM

Closing Remarks, Adjourn & Enjoy Vancouver, BC



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