Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning Studies (CIEPS) confers the Elder Planning Counselor (EPC)®  Designation.

An individual who has achieved their EPC Designation has a keen interest and has gained the knowledge in how the aging process will affect future Canadian demographics.  

An EPC must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the many aspects of getting older, such as Aging & Health, Social & Psychological, Financial, Communicating & other issues involved in the process of aging.   

View EPC Program Curriculum 

How can you earn the EPC® Designation?

Individuals from all professional disciplines and walks of life can show the required knowledge and earn the highly respected EPC®  designation by fulfilling any of the following methods and successfully meeting all the requirements. 

These requirements include achieving a 70% passing grade on the required EPC® Qualification examinations, successfully answer any criminal, regulatory/association disclosure, agreeing to abide by the CIEPS Code of Professional Conduct, and maintaining their  EPC Membership Renewal, and participate in ongoing education in order to keep their EPC Designation in good standing.


Your Options

1. Enrol in one of the EPC Live Exam Preparation Classes as availability permits. VIEW LIVE CLASS SCHEDULE

2. Enrol in the Distance Learning method of attaining the EPC Designation. VIEW DISTANCE LEARNING INFORMATION

3. Enrol in a Webinar version of the EPC Designation program. VIEW WEBINAR INFORMATION. This option is only available when a live class is in session. 



Provide documentation or verification that you have successfully completed a similar training program that covers the equivalent EPC Program Curriculum. Please send the documents to info@cieps.com. Alternatively, by selecting this option on the registration form found here - ENROL NOW, you acknowledge that you have completed an equivalent EPC program curriculum and that you are a member in good standing with that organization.

There are many professional disciplines and designations that could fall into this area and allow you to be exempted from taking either part or all of the full EPC designation program. 

If you have completed a similar training course but it does not cover specific topics that are included in the EPC CURRICULUM, you can supplement your elder learning by taking the module/s that deals with what your training has not covered and pass a qualifying test pertaining to the module. These modules are available at a reasonable cost to you.

In most cases, this will qualify you to receive the EPC designation based on your current training.

Please see the fees listed below for this option. 

Please contact info@cieps.com for further information if you are not sure.

Please note - If you completed an Elder designation program such as Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA), you are qualified as meeting the EPC CURRICULUM

A current CPCA wishing to add the highly respected EPC designation to their aging expertise would need to submit the following to us for review:

a) Verification of passing the CPCA educational requirements and that you are a member in good standing. Please email this information to: info@cieps.com.

b) You must successfully answer our criminal, regulatory/association disclosure.  

c) You must agree to abide by the CIEPS Code of Professional Conduct

d) Upon successful acceptance, you must pay the required fees.*


There is a one-time LIMITED fee of $695.00 plus taxes & an ongoing EPC Membership Renewal fee of $150 yearly plus taxes.

This fee includes:

a) The most recent 4 module professionally printed hard copy EPC Desk Reference set for you to have so that you can use as a reference on aging issues that you might require in many situations.

In addition, you will have access to updated materials listed on your exclusive EPC member’s only site as they become available.  A username and password will be provided for you.

b) Your right to receive the monthly “PULSE” EPC members newsletter delivered to your email. If you don't want this publication, just send us an email with "Stop my Pulse" in the subject line.

c) Your right to have a discounted Elder Planning Issues Conference (EPIC) registration fee for our annual conferences.

d) Your information posted on the EPC member website for the public to access. 

e) Your access to the EPC member’s only site where you can find valuable information that you can access for your clients and prospects.

f) Your first year’s EPC Membership of $150 plus taxes. Subsequent renewals fees are currently $150 plus taxes yearly.

g) A one-time administration fee of $50 plus taxes.

ENROL SECURELY HERE to begin the EPC journey.

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