Tuition Fees
Live Exam Preparation Class - $995.00
Distance Learning - $1095.00
Webinar Learning - $1095.00 + TAX

First year membership fee of $150.00 is waived upon payment of your tuition fee!

What is included at the live classes?

- Complete 4 volume EPC Desk Reference set of material and the EPC comprehensive student workbook.
- Continental breakfast and buffet luncheon included in your tuition. 
- Special dietary needs will be met
wherever possible.
- You will be notified of your exam mark within
14 days of writing your exam. (No waiting for weeks!)

Where do I find the application, and do I have to enrol on the internet?

Although enrolling on the internet is easy and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks, you and also fill out your enrollment form, print it and fax it Toll Free!

If you wish to enroll by Toll Free phone you may call our Toll-Free number at 855-882-3426 and we will guide you in the right direction and provide any guidance that is needed. 

Can I pay the tuition in installments? 

This option only applies to live class given by CIEPS directly and not necessarily any of our partners.

If you are taking the live class with CIEPS, you may choose our payment plan option that consists of 4 equal installments.There is a $25.00 administration fee for this option paid monthly by credit card left on file.

Note - Your exam results will be provided, and your EPC designation will be granted when your tuition is paid in full.

Where are the classes held and what designation program materials are required?

Click here - for Live Class & Webinar Dates & Locations

How long does it take to complete the program and become a step closer to attaining the EPC designation? 

The EPC Designation program is primarily a self-study program, however we do offer live & webinar classes in addition to the Distance Learning method of attaining your EPC Designation.

The live classes and webinars are exam preparation classes.  These are where the Faculty will take out all the nice to know and give you the need to know to assist you with the writing of the final EPC Qualification examination.  

The Distance Learning program is estimated to take up to 6 months depending on your method of learning.

*Please note - It is STRONGLY recommended that all students come to the exam preparation program ONLY after reading and becoming familiar with the Four Volume EPC Desk Reference set. 

The live class and webinar exam preparation program is a fast-paced, intensive review program series coupled with additional review sessions and homework assignments. 

The Distance Learning program may be completed at your own pace, up to the 6-month time limit for completion.

Your designation is awarded immediately upon passing the 125 question multiple choice exam.

What are the pre-requisite requirements? 

An interest in obtaining knowledge pertaining to the fastest growing segment of our population! Most students and graduates have an existing professional accreditation.

When and where does one write the exam and how long an exam is it? 

The exam will be written at the in person live exam preparation class on the last day. There will be 3 hours allotted. Our experience has shown that the actual writing time is somewhere between 1.5 and 3 hours. 

Distance learning and webinar students who cannot make it to one of the exam preparation class sites will have the exam administered at a location as close to them as possible, and usually in their own city. We will provide a Proctor for this purpose.

What happens if I fail the exam?

If you do not attain 70% on your exam you will be required to rewrite. There is a $100.00 fee to rewrite.

You will be allowed a maximum of 2 rewrites within 6 months. Unsuccessful candidates will then have to retake the program.

When do I pay? 

Payment information for the program is due immediately upon registration. Although we will immediately ship the materials to you, we usually do not charge for the tuition until a couple of weeks prior to the live class. Our partners may charge for the class or webinar immediately. 

Payment for the Distance Learning method is due immediately upon registering. 

Please note, that should you pass your exam, and your tuition payment is not complete your designation and certificate will not be awarded until such time as your full tuition payment is complete.

Live exam preparation Class Cancellation Policy effective January 1 2020

Cancellation/Refund Policy

If you cancel your enrollment for the Elder Planning Counselor Designation program: 

You may transfer to a future "Live" or Webinar exam preparation class, or alternatively, you may transfer to the Elder Planning Counselor Distance Learning Program at an additional cost of $100 + tax.

 You may transfer your enrollment to someone else. Please notify us who that individual is.

If you choose to cancel completely within 10 days of your scheduled class without registering for another Live exam preparation Class or Distance Learning Program, you will be charged a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the tuition paid for the program. All materials must be returned unused in original packaging.

Are Verified education credits available for the financial services industry? - Yes! Click here for details

Why should I attain my EPC designation?

  • You should attain this highly sought after designation if you sincerely want to help our elder population.   

  • You should attain the EPC designation if you are currently working with or want to work directly with elders. 

  • You should attain your EPC designation if you want to improve yourself as a professional businessperson. 

  • You should attain your EPC designation if you want to enhance your existing  designation/s with a demonstrated and tested specialty in elder planning issues.

What does it take to become an EPC?

All that is required is to register for the next training program.  If you need to travel, you should make your travel and accommodation arrangements. (Please check with us prior to making flight arrangements)

How will being a member of Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning Studies help me?

The EPC designation program will help train you to become a specialized professional who can deal with elders.  You will have the training and skills to know what to look for when dealing with elders.  You will have success with the elder population where your peers do not!

Will the EPC designation help me gain credibility with my elder clients?

Yes, definitely! After you have earned your designation, you will have the education and training that your elder clients and prospects will respect. 

Your elder clients and prospects will know that you care about them and have taken the time away from your business to learn about their wants and needs.

You will understand the unique opportunities that you will have with the elder population, by keeping current with the many developments in this challenging field.

You will join the ranks of other professionals representing various disciplines who are recognized by a growing number of organizations as specialists in the needs and issues unique to elders.

The elder population will know that you are competent and very capable and familiar with the process that is required to solve their problems.

What is in it for me? How can attaining my EPC designation help build my business?

You will be recognized in the elder community as an individual who will become known as a problem solver who can take action.

Referrals will be a natural result for the individual who has dedicated their time to achieving their EPC Designation.

Who makes up the Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning Studies faculty?

All of our Faculty Members are recognized as experts in their fields.  Many of the faculty members are international speakers and educators, specialists in their fields.  

When you have successfully attained your Elder Planning Counselor Designation, you are identified as a knowledgeable and skillful professional who can suggest alternatives to address the problems of elders.

An elder’s lifestyle and well-being is improved dramatically when they deal with an individual who has their EPC.



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